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Outdoor restaurant


St. Thomas University’s Kreyol Nation is opening its doors on April 23rd to allow all those trying to work and commit to the survivors of Haiti and also all those trying to make a difference after this overwhelming time in Haiti following the devastating Earthquake of the 7.0 magnitude.


This Fashion Show/Gala Dinner chronicles the lives, history, and culture of Haiti and its people. The Show will allow it to be proven that hope can bloom, despite challenging circumstances, as long as the heart truly desires it. It will allow many to play an important role in the reconstruction of Haiti. And it will truly capture audiences interested in the future of Haiti and its long-term development. The Proceeds of this event will offer relief opportunities for the January 12 earthquake survivors.



13 avril 2010, 00:47

Dress code is formal/cocktail attire. The event’s admission fee is $15.00 for students and $20.00 for others. However, donations are greatly appreciated, for all the proceeds of this event will go to the Long Term Relief of Haiti’s Earthquake Survivors. Reservations or the purchase of tickets to attend the Fashion Show/Gala Dinner “A Night of Giving: Couleur D’Haiti” are available and can be made at
(646) 206-7744 or via email at
(786) 346-5847 or via email at




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adresse:32 Rue Marcadieu Bourdon HAITI

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